Vicky is an Ashtanga Yoga and Prenatal Yoga instructor.
Her passion for movement, adventure and the search for experiences to connect with her essence were those that brought her closer to Yoga. After a trip to India, where she could feel the healing power of this millenary practice, she trained as Ashtanga Yoga Instructor with Patricio Moralo, in Barcelona.

Ashtanga Yoga classes are dynamic and require discipline. In this type of Yoga, strength, flexibility, coordination and balance are worked through a concatenated sequence of asanas and synchronized breathing. Prenatal Yoga classes are taught dynamically and safely. The purpose is to create a space for women to have a full pregnancy, connecting with their baby and sharing the unique moment of creation with other mothers.

Her approach as a Yoga teacher is to teach and accompany to release patterns and open to self-knowledge, embrace the present and enjoy a quiet mind, a healthy body and a spirit full of peace and harmony.