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International Hatha Yoga instructor Paola Reznik has been all over the world practicing and teaching her passion. Originally from Buenos Aires Argentina we’ve encountered very few yoga instructors as passionate about life, love and family and we feel extremely fortunate to have Paola Reznik at 7Lemonshouse.

The Yoga classes with Paola do not have a specific sequence, but flow depending on the group, their needs, their skills and of course their energies.

The means of the classes is “the experience of the present moment”, of connecting the breath with the moment and the feeling constantly.
The aim is to achieve:
-awareness of the body and its movements
-create a solid foundation of the postures and their corrections so that you can be more independent in your own practice
-consciously absorb the act of breathing, which is basic to feeling full and vibrating high.
-incorporate relaxation as a natural tool to be used when we need it, very important to eradicate stress

These 4 patterns will make you intensify your Yoga practice with more awareness, joy and flow, putting the Attitude before everything!

As Paola says: “It’s not what we do, but HOW we do it”

Make your life a unique experience, and let yourself be surprised. Leave your expectations aside, since emptying your mind only leaves you feeling!


This page is also available in: Español