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Mala necklace workshop with real gems and real gold/silver beads.
Connect with your creativity and the power of thoughts and intentions
with Julia Nusshart

Become creative!

When was the last time that you’ ve been creative? When have you actually created something with your hands?

These times become more and more busy and we take less and less time to slow down, focus on one thing and connect with ourselves and others around us. In this retreat you will find connection through yoga, meditation and your own creativity. 

Along with other inspiring people, you will get the chance to knot your own mala necklace (= meditation necklace) with gem stones. You can choose from a selection of about 15 different real gems and real gold and silver beads. The selection is intuitive, as we assume that the subconscious mind is looking for what is good for you. 

In the course of the workshop, Julia will explain to you about the effect (vibration) of the individual stones. From her experience as a yoga teacher, Julia knows about the power of thoughts and intentions. That is why you get to choose an intention for your mala necklace which you will put into your necklace knot by knot. In the end you have a POWER NECKLACE that supports your well-being and your intention. You will also learn all about the background of a Mala, the Hindu or Buddhist prayer beads, as well as their use for meditation. 

GEMS: The large selection of real gems covers many topics (protection, love, self-confidence, rest, balance ..). The stones are 6 or 8mm in size and round or faceted (ground).

During the process, Julia will also tell us how she discovered her creativity and how she founded her own company Jai Jewellery. 

Within this retreat, you will also learn about the power of mantras and the power of meditation. You will learn to meditate with YOUR POWER MALA and how to establish your own daily meditation practice. Charge your batteries and feel fully focused. Learn to trust your intuition and raise your awareness. This retreat combines a Mala workshop with yoga and other amazing activities. Paola Reznik will share with all the group her knowledge during all the week and teach daily the most inspiring yoga classes.

So if you want, this creative retreat will become a transformative event!

We will combinate Mala workshop with yoga and other amazing activities. Paola Reznik will share with all the group her knowledge during all the week and teach daily the most inspiring yoga classes.

Julia and Paola will teach in English, providing German translation as required.

JULIA NUSSHART: Jai Jewellery founder and designer Julia Nusshart holds a degree in Business Administration (LMU Munich, 2008) specializing in Marketing and Psychology. She is also a Jivamukti Yoga teacher (OMEGA, NY, USA 2012) and a Reiky and Quantum Healing practitioner in Berlin. In 2015 she founded her company “Jai Jewellery” after she had read the book “The artist way” by Julia Cameron, which pushed her more towards her creative side. Jai Jewellery is a company based in Berlin, Germany. Jai is the first company to combine jewelry and cards with positive affirmations. Affirmations are positive phrases that can be a reminder to change your mind set over time if you repeat them daily. The word Jai comes from “Jaya”, which is Sanskrit and means victory. Your personal piece of Jai Jewellery is there to support you in order to live your full potential. It’s a reminder that you are beautiful and bountiful. Jai’s mission is to help you to be so strong that you can walk your own way (not the one your family wanted you to go), to help you to find a way to express your creativity and to help you realize your dreams. Besides being a business owner, Julia loves to read, to travel, to be creative and to enjoy life on a longboard, surf board or on the yoga mat…hear her full story at the retreat!

PAOLA REZNIK: International Hatha Yoga instructor Paola Reznik has been all over the world practising and teaching her passion. Originally from Buenos Aires Argentina we’ve encountered very few yoga instructors as passionate about life, love and family and we feel extremely fortunate to have Paola Reznik at 7Lemonshouse. Paola started practising yoga in 1998, in Argentina, with the Maestre Juan Haberfeld and it became her absolute passion in life. She continued her studies in Swásthya Yoga, the first University of Yoga founded in Brazil, where yogis from around the world congregate to learn from the masters and from each other. The Swásthya method includes asana yoga, Raja yoga, Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga, Jnana (Gyana) yoga, and Tantra yoga. She took her practice even further and lived and taught in the US, México, Costa Rica, and the Canary Islands. Her motto is “it’s not what you do, but how you do it”.

Shared bedroom EUR 1050,00
Private bedroom EUR 1390,00

I want it!


  • 7 nights accommodation

  • Healthy fresh food for daily meals, natural juice, Yogi teas and mineral water throughout your stay

  • Introductory speech and interesting insights about the background of a Mala, a Hindu or Buddhist prayer beads, as well as their use for meditation

  • Mala necklace workshops by Julia Nusshart

  • Bring home your Mala necklace creation

  • Jivamukti yoga classes, chantings and mantras for a deep connection

  • Daily yoga classes: personal yoga mats & yoga props are provided

  • 1h Relaxing therapeutic massage per person

  • Excursion to Lobos Island, boat trip, Volcano hike and meditation, beach walk

  • Music therapy with Monochord, Handpan and Rav drum

  • Mountain bike for free use

  • Guided volcano hiking tour

  • Cacao ceremony which helps to rebalance the energies within us and restore good health

This page is also available in: Español