My strong determination in discovering my real me and the sense of adventure was what brought me to Fuerteventura on 2001. Yoga has been always a good friend and a beautiful escape in my life but lately, after an accident, I had to rethink my life and I had clear that yoga it would take an important part in it. That’s how I’ve become a yoga addict! I like yoga because it’s a way to play with myself and to melt my limits. I like consciusness with my body and I feel by practising a way to connect my mind and body and learn about me deeper. I always thought that my “being there” was some how wrong in life because I was never observing as others do. In time I’ve understood that my “being there” was never wrong because my way to achieve an experience is  about feeling it. I believe now that this is a gift and I learnt from my experience that is only by feeling it first that you can later share your knowledge with others.

That is what I try in my day life and in my job and I try to motivate others because I firmly believe that “anything is possible, or impossible, but you will never know until you won’t try!