Practice yoga at sunrise and sunset, learn to surf in clear waters and stay in relaxing accommodation. Eat delicious, healthy and nutritious cuisine. Explore a vibrant culture in glorious weather. Spend time with good people and feel like you’re at your best. From the moment you arrive you will be welcomed into the relaxing vibe. Our Yoga retreats are designed for all yogis and we offer lessons and coaching for all levels of surfers so come and give surfing a try!


  • Daily yoga lesson
  • Meditation session
  • Three days surfing with equipment and expert tuition included
  • Healthy fresh food for amazing breakfast, brunch and dinner
  • Relaxing and therapeutic massage
  • Guided coastal walking and volcano hiking tour
  • Music therapy with Monochord, Handpan and Rav drum
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Mineral water and yogi teas throughout your stay
  • Bodhi yoga mats and props included in the package
  • Mountain bikes for free use 

Find your soul…



Double Room

from €890per week
  • Price per person

Shared Room

from €990per week
  • Price per person

Private Room

1090per week
  • Price per person


  • CLASSES: All classes are in English and Spanish. During these retreats we will do Hatha yoga 5 days a week, 
it is a Hatha Yoga fused with Flow and Vinyasa. The good thing that being our small groups is practically a private class and you can go deeper and learn more than in numerous groups. Our wonderful Paola Reznik is a very experienced yoga teacher who has trained in Argentina with a Brazilian lineage. She has worked in Costa Rica, Greece and the Canaries. She focuses the class on the breath in synchronization with the movement. She bases her technique on correct movement and posture adjustment. She will make you feel very comfortable during classes and, because of her great empathy, she can bring each person in only a week of class to improve to levels they never thought they could reach in such a short time.
    Surfing classes will be held by an highly experienced surf coach. Ben Davison enjoys all aspects of surfing, he can help you what ever your surfing needs from beginner to advanced. From short boarding to long boarding to big waves. Ben is a real surfing GURU! He knows how to make you totally fall in love with the waves and surfing. He is an absolutely amazing person and the best mentor you will never met in ypur life. He always takes extra care about every student he teaches and really passionate about sharing his love to waves, surfing and ocean. Ben is always in the water with you to make sure that you are comfortable and that you are not afraid of the waves. He is always there to watch your back. Being always in search for the best waves on the island, he knows where to take you depending on your level of surfing, so that you will never get bored.
  • ACCOMODATION: During the retreat, you will be accommodated at 7LemonsHouse. It is a personally designed house with a green tropical garden. 7LemonsHouse invites travellers to relax in their sun beds, enjoy a view of the volcanoes, read a book and unwind during meditation classes. The apartments have a very cozy and romantic atmosphere and the staff is warm and friendly, making you feel instantly at home. The apartments are fully equipped and have wooden beams, bright rooms, and wooden floor. The showers are made of natural stones and bed linens and bath towels are provided. There are also a big terrace with a big table, wooden chairs, barbecue, sunbeds, and a chill out area.
  • LOCATION: This retreat will be held at 7Lemons’House is in Fuerteventura, Spain. 7Lemons’House is located in the north part of the island in a small surfer’s village called Lajares between two volcanoes. From Lajares, you can reach all beaches of the north nearly in the same time and the North Coast is only four kilometers away. In Lajares big hotels or mass tourism does not exist; the local life mix up with the individual tourism. Artists and tradicional craftwork will easy delight you with local market, gift shops and loveliest little beach bar. Embrace the island lifestyle!
  • FOODThese packages includes freshly made daily brunches. We aim to introduce a balanced diet making our meals not only tasty, but mainly nutritional, only using fresh ingredients. With Heiko ‘s finest culinary tips, you will enjoy a delicious and healthy menu. Our recipes are made from local seasonal products, with a variety of ingredients. The menu is ideal for active people with regular balanced protein and carbohydrate levels. Our exclusive recipes are made using fresh herbs and all foods are cooked in healthy oils. We avoid food colorings and preservatives. We only select whole meal products. Breakfast is served with tea and fruit to prepare the body before the classes, then brunch, then later in the afternoon we offer healthy snacks of fruit and vegetables, after the Yoga classes in the afternoon we have a tea time break. Meals are made directly on site and are prepared on the spot, every day, for every moment.
  • ALLERGIES / INTOLLERANCES: After the reservation, we send a form with various questions about the types of diets, allergies or intolerances that may or may not apply to you. Please tell us exactly what you like, what you can or can’t eat, as we always like to adapt our menu to everyone’s needs.