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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the wifi in your place? Can I work online?

Many of our guests come here to get away from their online activities, and we naturally want to support you in whatever degree of “digital detox” you can manage during your stay! However, in case you may need to send a few emails or call home, the wifi is ok. You should go online to do the essentials, as nothing else is needed, at least not in the context of a retreat.

Is there coffee in the morning?

Coffee consumption prevents most people from self-reflection, falsifies facts about our energy balance, confuses it, and prevents us from discovering the causes and correlations of it. In consideration of people with these difficulties, and for the overall benefit of the retreat, we do not use coffee at all, but do use cacao and macha tea as a substitute, which effects we find more mild, vibrant and gentle.

Will I detoxify at the retreat?

Our bodies have different ways of detoxifying. Through nutrition, nutritional rhythms, blood circulation, elimination, which also includes breathing and sweating. We always include all possibilities in the retreat. Sauna, breathing exercises, physical movement and massage (blood circulation), certain vegetables, seaweed, etc.

Will I lose weight at the retreat?

We keep our bodies moving, and the intervals between meals allow fat to be metabolised. The meals are vegetarian to vegan, easy to digest, with no industrial fat and no added sugar.

Fats are basically not bad, actually they are essential. A small amount of fat is an essential part of a healthy, balanced diet. Fat is a source of essential fatty acids, which the body cannot make itself. Fat helps the body absorb vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E. These vitamins are fat-soluble, which means they can only be absorbed with the help of fats.

One of the main reasons for obesity, apart from the lack of fat metabolisation, is eating out of an unconscious need to calm down or stimulate oneself. Excessive use of flavour enhancers, such as fat, salt and sugar, but also protein and associated carbohydrate consumption, play an underestimated role. There are other ways to stimulate and soothe our need for nourishment, which we are happy to address. However, you are ultimately responsible for your own weight loss.

I need rest, do I have to go through the whole programme?

No, nobody has to. Some people need more quiteness than others and this comes first. The programme is based on our experience, the individual activities support each other and are built on each other. The more you skip, the more the overall benefit of the retreat falters. In addition, each participant has a place and a social benefit within the group. To see your good and bad sides, you always need other people to mirror you.

What about alcohol?

We do not serve and do not accept the consumption of alcohol at 7lemonshouse during the retreat.

What infrastructure is there in the village?

The centre of the village is a 15-minute walk away. There are shops, supermarket with organic products, pharmacy, bars, restaurants, cafes. The supply of food is not necessary, we provide that.

Is the tap water drinkable?

The tap water is desalinated seawater and contains chlorine and other minerals and acids. It is not drinkable, but we always provide for your whole stay mineral water available in glass bottles from Gran Canaria.

I want to strengthen my immune system, can I do that with you?

Everything we do in the retreat programme helps you to use your body’s own systems, to become aware of them, and to integrate them into your everyday life in the form of meaningful and individual habits. Including the immune system.

Do you use organic products for the meals?

We are striving to steadily increase the percentage of organic products. Our small vegetable garden also contributes to this. We place great emphasis on using locally grown fruit and vegetables from the island, but also from the Canary Islands in general, the quality of which is just that good and often even better.

I would like to go surfing with you as much as possible. Can we make that happen?

You have our full understanding. Fuerteventura lends itself to this and we love it too. We offer surf only in the 5 day yoga & surf retreat. As a therapeutic tool, it serves movement, focusing, body awareness and coordination, as well as the connection to the laws of nature. Of course, it’s fun and it’ s carried out with trained surf instructors but it is not the main focus of the retreat. You are not booking a surf camp.

Do I need a rental car with you?

However, there are free moments in the retreat program where it can be nice to explore one or the other corner of the island spontaneously. If you are willing to share a car, please let us know in advance and we will help you to communicate with the other participants. You can easily get a taxi at the airport exit door. The ride from the airport takes about 45 minutes.

I am a complete yoga beginner, is that a problem?

No, on the contrary, it is probably the best! For many people yoga is the introduction to a more conscious approach to life. Yoga is not about perfection, but it may look that way on social media. It is about insight that is released on the way of practising. Our groups are kept small, so the yoga teacher can pay more attention to each practicioner. Don’t worry, your greatest potential is often outside your comfort zone.

And finally, please don't forget:

Despite all the seriousness of personal development, not everything has to have a higher purpose. You are also allowed to do things that make no apparent sense. There may be a certain time for meaninglessness, whatever you want to call it. Do not suppress it. A time to follow only your pure intuition. Free from “I have to”. Free from all self-improvement and judgement. Otherwise you will forget that life is exciting and fun, not always serious in its duality. That’s the only reason you came to life.

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Chris von YOYABAChris von YOYABA
11:48 12 Nov 23
Magical place, amazing food (thanks Heiko!), awesome program, excellent hospitality, great mix of program (yoga, surfing, mindfullness, breathwork, icebath, sauna, and time for myself.I had a more than amazing week that gave me a lot of energy. Laura & Heiko truely build something amazing. I could not imagine a better place to come down, have time for myself. Also enjoyed the people around me a lot.Will definitly come back. Would give more stars, if I could.
Summalea DaySummalea Day
14:20 12 Sep 23
Laura and HeikoI’m not sure where to start because over this past week, I have totally fallen in love with this wonderful space you’ve created. Thank you for sharing your world with me.I have enjoyed every moment. The yoga, surf, ice bath, sound healing, delicious meals, meeting new people, jumping in the pool, reading, relaxing, laughing, walking into town.. You get it, the list could go on. I have loved it.7 Lemons House has bought a sense of joy and freedom back to me (my soul  ) that I didn’t realise had started to slip away. I feel rejuvenated and refreshed, ready to live life.You two are amazing. All the best in the future.Cya soon,Love, SummaPs. If you are looking to book a yoga retreat, this one will not disappoint.
V. J.V. J.
06:25 18 Apr 23
A beautiful place, designed with attention to detail and a pleasant atmosphere. I was there for yoga and stretching and both courses were great and beneficial. Thank you for the great, fantastic Me-time with you and the friendly welcome. I'll definitely come back. Namaste!
nikkie parknikkie park
11:29 09 Apr 23
I had such a wonderful time at 7 lemons house. Laura and Heiko were very pleasant people. As. Non vegetarian person I was worried before I get to the 7 lemons , but every dishes were extremely good taste amazing. Yoga instructor paula was amazing, sound healing , ice bucket challenge ( I was panicking in the bucket but after I felt amazing! I wish I could stayed longer !!!). Massage was incredible! Surfing was a bit of challenging but I survived!Definitely a great journey. I want to come back again !Absolutely recommend to anyoneThank you again Heiko and Laura!
Anjana PrasadAnjana Prasad
12:26 02 Apr 23
I visited this retreat in November 2021 and thought I would write my review...somehow time has flown by but I have NOT forgotten how wonderful this trip was. I booked the yoga and surf 1 week trip last minute as a solo traveller looking for some much needed R&R with good food, fun sport and beautiful surroundings. I got this and much more 😊. Laura and Heiko are the most amazing hosts, they were kind, attentive and they have built a beautiful home to relax in. Heiko's food is so delicious, I can't describe how tasty his dishes are - using simple, fresh produce and some of it grown on site or else locally. I love food and pay attention to detail, Heiko is a master. I absolutely loved my yoga classes with Marta who is a very inspirational yoga teacher and the surf lessons with her partner Greg - I can't believe how much he taught me in our few lessons!!! The sessions with Yorch, the best osteopath I've ever encountered, have made a significant difference to how I care for my body and maintain flexibility and function. Laura and Heiko really built the trip around the group's needs and I walked barefoot on small rocks and learnt how to master my mind, experienced an ice bath for the first time and we took a walk up the nearby old volcano to see the sunrise one day. It was honestly one of the best trips I have taken and I'm looking forward to returning some day. I have and would recommended it to all my friends!!
M. R.M. R.
17:42 11 Dec 22
I just came back from the yoga and surf retreat. Everything was perfect: the yogaclasses (suitable for all levels), the whole activities and of course Heiko‘s amazing fresh food! Laura and Heiko created a green oasis there with so many details and love, thank you!
Anne KAnne K
12:44 21 Nov 22
What an amazing week!Laura and Heiko are such lovely hosts, the food is incredible and the gardens are a little oasis among Fuerte’s gravelly landscape.The surf and yoga program offers just the right mix of activities and relaxation and everyone involved is incredibly nice and welcoming.Paola’s yoga classes are fantastic, she radiates this very special energy and is super attentive to everyone’s needs.Thanks to the entire 7Lemons team for a wonderful time!
Margarita NutfulinaMargarita Nutfulina
14:01 19 Oct 21
I just came back from amazing week at 7lemons Yoga and Surf retreat! I had an great holiday in an extremely inspiring environment! Laura and Heiko are beautiful souls and fantastic hosts, working with a team of talented and passionate people - Tami, Marta, Greg, Diego and others. The villa is cozy and clean, equipped with everything one needs and surrounded by beautiful garden. The food is fresh, nutritious and delicious! The program is well tailored, designed to make you fall in love with yoga, having stimulating yet relaxing time ☺️ I highly recommend!