Functional Training, Surf and Yoga Retreat

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Be fit through the winter and spring.

This winter- no fat pad, no persistent cold! Do you want an active holiday, strengthen your immune system, lose weight, and refuel vitamin D?

We offer the solution:

  • let's learn Surf together on the beautiful beach of Fuerteventura,
  • functional training in the morning sun,
  • D-tox drinks and top quality vegetarian and vegan diets,
  • yoga for body, mind, and soul.
  • Wim Hof method to strengthen your immune system.

If that sounds good to you, get in touch for a personal interview with us and more information or book your spot right now. You don't need to be a top athlete; our trainers will fine-tune your lesson to meet your specific needs and skill level.


Fitness goals may include enhancing muscular strength, flexibility, and agility, managing one’s weight, and improving body tone.

Kathrin will lead one class that balances body weight, mobility, and strength training movements. In addition to the physical, they will help us have an in-depth understanding of the importance of breathing, flow in movement, and personal health to optimize performance. The classes are Outdoor Functional training and are open to all levels!

Our workouts will focus on the balance between mind and body: strength, breathing, and mentality, constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity! The three main pillars of the fitness on the retreat will be conditioning (cardio), strength, and gymnastics movements. Workouts will be fun and engaging and vary between workshops and more traditional workouts!


Surfing is the perfect exercise to strengthen your upper torso and lower back, enhance your balance, and clear your mind.

After a thorough warm-up, you will learn how to handle and stand up on a surfboard. You will practice your take-off in the water, always under the guidance of our certified surf instructors. Small groups and direct feedback will help you make quick advances and have a great time.

Learn to surf in clear waters and stay in relaxing accommodation. Spend time with good people and feel like you are at your best. From the moment you arrive, you will be welcomed into the relaxing vibe. The retreat is designed to offer lessons and coaching for all levels of surfers, so come and give surfing a try!


Our yoga will is practiced in the beautiful outdoor yoga terrace. Breathe in the fresh sea air, cleanse within and without. This Yoga retreat is designed for all yoga level. In the magical paradise of Fuerteventura, 7LemonsHouse provides an enchanting space where you can relax in a totally positive and supportive environment packed with fun and laughter.

A typical Yoga class is associated with stress reduction and increased well-being. Each exercise is performed with personal attention to proper posture and breathing techniques. The daily yoga practice can challenge you to explore your body, breath, and mind. It is a Hatha yoga fused with flow and Vinyasa. The retreat is held in a small group, and it is practically a private class. In this way, you can go deeper and learn more than in a big group.


In addition to our workouts, three delicious meals per day, and comfortable accommodations, we have included two exciting activities to get to know Fuerteventura! We will be going on an amazing volcano hike and an awesome silence walk to the long beach of El Cotillo. Plus, at the end of the excursion, you can swim and sunbathe in the turquoise blue water.


We will be staying at 7LemonsHouse, a private yoga retreat in Lajares. We’ll have three home-cooked meals prepared each day with the freshest ingredients to enjoy while listening to the sounds of nature in the background. The house has a private garden, sunbeds, and hammocks for naps!

KATHRIN ADRION: Since I am a small kid, movement and exercise play a big role in my life. Amongst others, practicing various sports from childhood until now has brought me to what I am doing today. The study of sports science (B.A.) and the connecting study in prevention and health management (M.A.) have brought me closer to the desire to share my passion physical activity with others. Not only exercise and movement itself, but also a healthy and balanced lifestyle in regard to dealing with stress, relaxation and nutrition plays a significant role in life and work. It´s not about which sport you´re practicing or how good you are at it, its the joy of physical activity and the chance to discover a new passion in yourself! In this context the main focus should be your own well-being and not the performance. Feel what and how much is good for you!

2011-2014 Studies „sport science“ in Stuttgart, Graduation Bachelor or Arts sport sciense in Stuttgart, Internship and Surfinstructor assistant with Aloha Surf Academy in Fuerteventura, 2014-2016 Studies „prevention and health management“ in Saarbrücken, 2016 course specialisation „coaching“, 2016 graduation master of arts prevention and health management in Saarbrücken, 2016 Course instructor with Akon Aktivtherapie (walking, active walking and nordic walking), from 2016 functional training courses on Fuerteventura. Since 2018 Kathrin founded Lesano for organizing and implementation of health holidays on Fuerteventura.

PAOLA REZNIK: International Hatha Yoga instructor Paola Reznik has been all over the world practising and teaching her passion. Originally from Buenos Aires Argentina we’ve encountered very few yoga instructors as passionate about life, love and family and we feel extremely fortunate to have Paola Reznik at 7Lemonshouse. Paola started practising yoga in 1998, in Argentina, with the Maestre Juan Haberfeld and it became her absolute passion in life. She continued her studies in Swásthya Yoga, the first University of Yoga founded in Brazil, where yogis from around the world congregate to learn from the masters and from each other. The Swásthya method includes asana yoga, Raja yoga, Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga, Jnana (Gyana) yoga, and Tantra yoga. She took her practice even further and lived and taught in the US, México, Costa Rica, and the Canary Islands. Her motto is “it’s not what you do, but how you do it”.


  • 7 nights accommodation

  • Light and healthy pre-yoga breakfast + Daily Brunch every day of the week

  • 6 Healthy fresh Dinners – 1 night free to explore and eat

  • Functional training classes by certified instructors

  • Wim Hof method for a strong immune system

  • Daily yoga classes: personal yoga mats & yoga props are provided

  • Soul&Sunday yoga event with our Fuerteventura yoga tribe

  • 1h Relaxing therapeutic massage per person

  • Three days surfing with equipment and expert tuition included

  • Mountain bikes for free use

  • Guided volcano hiking tour

  • Music therapy with Monochord, Handpan and Rav drum

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This page is also available in: Español


21 - 28st - th November 2020


Starting from €1190 per person

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