Charisma & Radience Workshop

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Your charisma determines your life. It influences the people, situations, experiences and things you attract. If you do not live your authentic charisma, you are standing in your own way and are not living your true potential.

Luisa, Mentor for Charisma & Radiance, will hold a 6 days workshop. So you can find your best version and express your "certain something". Find into your authentic charisma, which fascinates, inspires and inspires others, but most of all deeply fulfils yourself.

6 day workshop to enhance your charisma and charm to make the Law of Attraction work for you. Through the week, you will gain deeper self awareness, a sense of authenticity, sovereignty, joy of life, love & bliss.

What you can expect from this workshop

Recognize in a simple experiment how you affect others with little radiance and with an attractive radiance and how easy it is to switch between these states. What a magnetic radiation really is and how it works and what most people don't know about charisma and radiation.

The real reason why you have not yet lived your attractive charisma. How you can put an end to the "gray mouse" existence and finally stop standing in your own way. How your current charisma was created and how you can even programme your biochemistry to charisma.

Why a weak charisma is a vicious circle and how you finally get out of it. 3 magic emotions that integrate charismatic people into their lives. Challenges that you can meet on this path and how to overcome them.


Our yoga will is practiced in the beautiful outdoor yoga terrace. Breathe in the fresh sea air, cleanse within and without. This Yoga retreat is designed for all yoga level. In the magical paradise of Fuerteventura, 7LemonsHouse provides an enchanting space where you can relax in a totally positive and supportive environment packed with fun and laughter.

A typical Yoga class is associated with stress reduction and increased well-being. Each exercise is performed with personal attention to proper posture and breathing techniques. The daily yoga practice can challenge you to explore your body, breath, and mind. It is a Hatha yoga fused with flow and Vinyasa. The retreat is held in a small group, and it is practically a private class. In this way, you can go deeper and learn more than in a big group.


We will be staying at 7LemonsHouse, a private yoga retreat in Lajares. We’ll have three home-cooked meals prepared each day with the freshest ingredients to enjoy while listening to the sounds of nature in the background. The house has a private garden, sunbeds, and hammocks for naps!


As a mentor for charisma and radiance, Luisa works exclusively with women who are striving for their full potential and have so far been held back by their charisma and subconscious blockages. Her mission is to accompany women on their way to a new, fulfilled and successful life and their true BEING. They receive mentoring in various areas that have an impact on their personal charisma so that they can live their full potential.

Further education & certificates: OpenMind Meditation Teacher (currently in training) - ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Practitioner (2019) - Holistic nutritionist - Paracelsus Heilpraktikerschule, Mannheim (2015) - Amino Acid Therapist - NeuroNutrient Therapy Institute, Mill Valley, California (2015) - Certified Hypnotherapist - San Diego Hypnosis Institute, San Diego, California (2014) - Vibrational Influence - San Diego Hypnosis Institute, San Diego, California (2014) - The Bengston Energy Healing Method® - William F. Bengston, Ph.D., St. Joseph's College, New York (2015) - Fitness training B licence - INLINE Academy, Dorsten (2013)


International Hatha Yoga instructor Paola Reznik has been all over the world practising and teaching her passion. Originally from Buenos Aires Argentina we’ve encountered very few yoga instructors as passionate about life, love and family and we feel extremely fortunate to have Paola Reznik at 7Lemonshouse. Paola started practising yoga in 1998, in Argentina, with the Maestre Juan Haberfeld and it became her absolute passion in life. She continued her studies in Swásthya Yoga, the first University of Yoga founded in Brazil, where yogis from around the world congregate to learn from the masters and from each other. The Swásthya method includes asana yoga, Raja yoga, Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga, Jnana (Gyana) yoga, and Tantra yoga. She took her practice even further and lived and taught in the US, México, Costa Rica, and the Canary Islands. Her motto is “it’s not what you do, but how you do it”.


  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Daily yoga classes: personal yoga mats & yoga props are provided
  • 6 days workshop by Luisa Danielle
  • Light and healthy pre-yoga breakfast + Daily Brunch
  • 6 Healthy fresh Dinners – 1 night free to explore and eat together
  • Soul&Sunday yoga event with our Fuerteventura yoga tribe
  • 1h Relaxing therapeutic massage per person
  • Music therapy with Monochord, Handpan and Rav drum
  • Mountain bikes for free use

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This page is also available in: Español Italiano

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28th November 2020 - 5th December 2020


3:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Starting from €1190 per person
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