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7 Lemons House

Is the result of our vision, passion and dedication

We are Laura and Heiko, in 2016 we opened our doors to fulfill a dream of creating a space for growth physically, mentally and spiritually.

We built 7 Lemons House over several years, creating a perfect environment for you to reconnect, realign and self-develop.

We help you find your joy in life, orientation, balance and focus by discovering different perspectives, awareness and mindfulness of your body, mind and soul.

We do this through a family atmosphere, social interaction, reduced external stimuli and an holistic lifestyle.

The team - Heiko Gatje | 7 Lemons House


“The soup of life from a chef’s perspective”
I emigrated, or rather went on a search of my life’s true purpose from Germany in 2001.
There were several other reasons for this.
At that time I had just given up cycling, which has been a big part of my life and something I have done very intensely for 5 years.
I discovered a new love of mine – windsurfing which I totally fallen in love with.
The predominantly cold climate in northern Germany- where I was living- was amongst other reasons for me deciding to leave.
I found the total overstimulation of fast paced life there exhausting and the ways of how the whole society was structured and expected it’s people to function did not resonate with me at all anymore.
It was just all too much for me. I felt overwhelmed and lost a sense of purpose in it all.
So as it happened, leaving behind the cycling culture was the first step for me to leave all the rest behind too- which I thought of as pure madness.

continue reading… Constant evaluation of the self and comparison of one’ life status to another- according to parameters that were not at all fulfilling for my vision of life, was just too much for me to handle anymore.
All this racing and pacing, yet nobody questioned anything? Where are we running? What are we trying to achieve and who are we wanting to impress? What’s the final destination? And most importantly- at what cost?
Working a lot, earning a lot, then buying a lot and spending a lot. And in free time going on fancy holidays a lot and partying a lot.
Why all this?
To enrich oneself with the same happiness that one has taken away from oneself, to get back one’s soul that one has sold oneself before.
Apart from few professional athletes, I honestly didn’t know anybody who was actually looking forward to waking up each morning and performing their daily, mundane tasks at work.
My belief at that time was that the reason we go to work is just to earn money. What I heard all my life was : “ you will only be successful if…., you will only be happy if…. you can only be this or that if……only if… if if…”
This was what my mindset was made of.
I was never given the opportunity to think for myself or take responsibility and make my own decisions at school, which is why I left as early as possible. I didn’t understand anything back then, only that I didn’t want to be a victim of the system anymore.
I met a pair of windsurfers, who through their travels in faraway countries, showed me a totally different way of living. I was very inspired by them and motivated to find new ways for myself.
The windsurfers gifted me with a book called “the dolphin: story of a dreamer” which reflected exactly my life up until that point.
I then travelled to South Africa and Fuerteventura and met people who were able to work, were happy, healthy and fulfilled, all without any of the “standard” necessities that I was made to believe one must have in life.
At that point nothing made sense to me anymore.
Despite having very little of what I thought you need to have to be happy, those people seemed happier, more open minded and simply more alive and human. They didn’t need any 5 or 7 courses feasts or any gift wrapping parties. They had enough time and prioritised to show each other affection and interest for one another. I now felt even more betrayed by the society I knew. There had to be a middle way.
From then on, I no longer blamed myself if I only did the things I enjoyed doing.
In the end, it was to be exactly that, which brought me the most growth. I will not forget, however, that negative experiences pushed me the most to make the biggest changes.
So where there is light, there is also shadow and if it were not so, the game would not work.
I stayed on Fuerteventura and always tried to keep the fun in the foreground, or at least something that would lead to that.
I met Laura at a fun Halloween party. Through catering for a small photo shoot in the dunes, which I totally improvised for fun, began my journey of 10 years in film catering in all of the Canary Islands. First for a company and later for my own catering firm. Until I reached Hollywood productions with people such as Ridley Scott.
Then came the idea to buy a land and build a little hut on it. This became a house billing project without construction company, without water and electricity on site and in a stone desert. I had only one employee with whom I had a very special relationship- it was my father. He also believed that it would be much fun to work in a sunny place with me.
But some things take more work first and after comes the fun. We needed 9 months to build the house, as long as you need to wait for a baby. After that, it still continues to grow until
today. During the construction time, me and Laura lived in a hut next to the building site, to not have to pay any rent.
Then came the time for our wedding in Italy, which was a lot of fun, and after came 2 real babies:)
After 10 years of film catering,  the 7lemonhouse project was born. To create a space for like minded people to come together. This idea already existed while we were building the house and now was the perfect time to pursue it.
The reason why we started the 7lemons idea and why I stopped film catering was mainly due to us becoming parents and wanting to spend more time at home with our family.
Look around you! There are so many options that could be more suited to you than the one you already know. From my culinary perspective, life could be compared to a soup to which you add ingredients as you gain experience – cook your own soup if the life you are living does not taste good to you!

The team - Laura Faini | 7 Lemons House


Hi I’m Laura and my purpose in life is to trust and honour my true essence that guides me on this beautiful path that is life. I try to do this every day by questioning every decision or word I say, by taking a step back when my intuition tells me I have to, or by fully immersing myself in the ideas that feed my soul.
When you are in touch with your feelings, you can no longer lie to yourself. When you learn not to deceive yourself, you have the clarity to recognise any ego failure and identify it so that, through observation, you do not repeat that behaviour. When you observe and feel, you can feel others and accompany them with empathy and compassion.
My role is to be a facilitator of your self-awareness and self-observation.
I am a creator and organiser of retreats. I love to create a programme of activities to enrich people’s lives with unforgettable experiences. I love to observe the conscious and unconscious transformation that takes place in each participant during the healing process through the activities that take place during the retreat. I’m a woman on my own journey of spiritual growth and the co-founder of 7lemonshouse.
We are all one and it is through each other that we evolve.

Why is it called 7 Lemons House?
Visit us and we will show you the tree of inspiration!

The retreat programme is of course a commercial product, but it is also our personal daily life, our daily being and our way of being authentic in what we do. If you achieve everything you set out to achieve on the retreat, then we will have achieved our goal.We attach great importance to the correct selection of our guests. It has nothing to do with judgement, it is about making sure that our goal is aligned with your goal. The time spent in the 7lemonshouse should be an added value for everyone involved.

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Chris von YOYABAChris von YOYABA
11:48 12 Nov 23
Magical place, amazing food (thanks Heiko!), awesome program, excellent hospitality, great mix of program (yoga, surfing, mindfullness, breathwork, icebath, sauna, and time for myself.I had a more than amazing week that gave me a lot of energy. Laura & Heiko truely build something amazing. I could not imagine a better place to come down, have time for myself. Also enjoyed the people around me a lot.Will definitly come back. Would give more stars, if I could.
Summalea DaySummalea Day
14:20 12 Sep 23
Laura and HeikoI’m not sure where to start because over this past week, I have totally fallen in love with this wonderful space you’ve created. Thank you for sharing your world with me.I have enjoyed every moment. The yoga, surf, ice bath, sound healing, delicious meals, meeting new people, jumping in the pool, reading, relaxing, laughing, walking into town.. You get it, the list could go on. I have loved it.7 Lemons House has bought a sense of joy and freedom back to me (my soul  ) that I didn’t realise had started to slip away. I feel rejuvenated and refreshed, ready to live life.You two are amazing. All the best in the future.Cya soon,Love, SummaPs. If you are looking to book a yoga retreat, this one will not disappoint.
V. J.V. J.
06:25 18 Apr 23
A beautiful place, designed with attention to detail and a pleasant atmosphere. I was there for yoga and stretching and both courses were great and beneficial. Thank you for the great, fantastic Me-time with you and the friendly welcome. I'll definitely come back. Namaste!
nikkie parknikkie park
11:29 09 Apr 23
I had such a wonderful time at 7 lemons house. Laura and Heiko were very pleasant people. As. Non vegetarian person I was worried before I get to the 7 lemons , but every dishes were extremely good taste amazing. Yoga instructor paula was amazing, sound healing , ice bucket challenge ( I was panicking in the bucket but after I felt amazing! I wish I could stayed longer !!!). Massage was incredible! Surfing was a bit of challenging but I survived!Definitely a great journey. I want to come back again !Absolutely recommend to anyoneThank you again Heiko and Laura!
Anjana PrasadAnjana Prasad
12:26 02 Apr 23
I visited this retreat in November 2021 and thought I would write my review...somehow time has flown by but I have NOT forgotten how wonderful this trip was. I booked the yoga and surf 1 week trip last minute as a solo traveller looking for some much needed R&R with good food, fun sport and beautiful surroundings. I got this and much more 😊. Laura and Heiko are the most amazing hosts, they were kind, attentive and they have built a beautiful home to relax in. Heiko's food is so delicious, I can't describe how tasty his dishes are - using simple, fresh produce and some of it grown on site or else locally. I love food and pay attention to detail, Heiko is a master. I absolutely loved my yoga classes with Marta who is a very inspirational yoga teacher and the surf lessons with her partner Greg - I can't believe how much he taught me in our few lessons!!! The sessions with Yorch, the best osteopath I've ever encountered, have made a significant difference to how I care for my body and maintain flexibility and function. Laura and Heiko really built the trip around the group's needs and I walked barefoot on small rocks and learnt how to master my mind, experienced an ice bath for the first time and we took a walk up the nearby old volcano to see the sunrise one day. It was honestly one of the best trips I have taken and I'm looking forward to returning some day. I have and would recommended it to all my friends!!
M. R.M. R.
17:42 11 Dec 22
I just came back from the yoga and surf retreat. Everything was perfect: the yogaclasses (suitable for all levels), the whole activities and of course Heiko‘s amazing fresh food! Laura and Heiko created a green oasis there with so many details and love, thank you!
Anne KAnne K
12:44 21 Nov 22
What an amazing week!Laura and Heiko are such lovely hosts, the food is incredible and the gardens are a little oasis among Fuerte’s gravelly landscape.The surf and yoga program offers just the right mix of activities and relaxation and everyone involved is incredibly nice and welcoming.Paola’s yoga classes are fantastic, she radiates this very special energy and is super attentive to everyone’s needs.Thanks to the entire 7Lemons team for a wonderful time!
Margarita NutfulinaMargarita Nutfulina
14:01 19 Oct 21
I just came back from amazing week at 7lemons Yoga and Surf retreat! I had an great holiday in an extremely inspiring environment! Laura and Heiko are beautiful souls and fantastic hosts, working with a team of talented and passionate people - Tami, Marta, Greg, Diego and others. The villa is cozy and clean, equipped with everything one needs and surrounded by beautiful garden. The food is fresh, nutritious and delicious! The program is well tailored, designed to make you fall in love with yoga, having stimulating yet relaxing time ☺️ I highly recommend!