SOULandSUNDAY – Every Sunday at 11am. Everybody is welcome, please confirm assistance by email.

During this event we offer yoga class, chanting mantras, meditation, healthy snack/brunch and detox juices. This is a free donation event to support us offering the possibility to enjoy yoga to all those who normally would not have the chance. We like to make sure that people understanding how important it is to take time for themselves 😉

We want to gather that community of people who are interested in healthy life styles, personal growth and spiritual awakening. Therefore 7lemonshouse offers this space to expand your mind, souls and consciousness in community. We would like to help every participant setting up good habits and resetting energy for the week. Positive thinking opens your eyes to more opportunities!

Every Sunday a different yoga teacher will held the class and we will explore every week different yoga styles. Moreover we will also host special Soul&Sundays, where we will explore other spiritual practices. Join our community by sending us an email with your mobile phone nr and we will keep you informed.

Beginners yoga students, intermediate and advance will get benefited from each sessions. Is perfect also for surfers and everyone in general, who really want to make an improvement in their personal, family and social life.

Please book your place ahead since the number students will be limited.