In the afternoon of this last Sunday we met to attend the group event “Volcano Gong Experience” in Fuerteventura. We met at the foot of the Lajares Volcano, Calderon Hondo, and after a small introduction by the organizers, we started the way. The landscape yesterday was covered by dense humidity and climbing in a silent row its slope has been to begin to reflect for me on the connection and cohesion of the group. About how strange you feel when strangers can not offer you if not a smile, I felt discourteous and at first it took me a long time to be silent until I did not come down barriers that we always impose ourselves and lived the totalizing experience. We silently climbed the 40 min of road and arrived at the area where the class would be developed, we settled ourselves sitting on the mat. Ariel Honigman, explained a few breathing exercises and an initial relaxation. From then on I noticed the great capacity of connection of this therapist that guided us to a practice of complete healing. During the bath of gong I noticed the therapeutic vibrations of this instrument pass in my body healing each cell through this powerful resonance. The sound of the Gong produces a sensation of relaxation and well-being so intense and with its low frequencies it works on body and mind, stimulating to put itself in state of rest like in the hours of sleep. The energy that is revealed of a Gong is not merely a fundamental tone, but rather a great wave. I noticed my body in full relaxation: I noticed it flooded with light, sound and heat and my mind floating like dream. None of the participants could say they had not noticed these feelings. It has been impressive to have been able to live this experience in a group, the resonant effect of doing a group gong bath is incredible and the practice takes on more depth. Ariel will be in Fuerteventura until the middle of August and then leave with his Gong to acquire more experience in India where he studied his practices until now. Anyone who is interested in an individual therapy with the Gong contact as soon as possible through our website or writing on facebook to BeYogaFuerteventura